Music links – Eisner’s Klezmorim

Here is the  link to CD Baby where you can hear (and purchase) their music.

As the leader of her “kapeyle” (band) Eisner collaborates with other musicians who also devote their time to the in-depth study of the genre:  players include Patrick Harison on accordion, Gretta Hunstiger on violin, Doug Cole on mandolin, Diane Benjamin on tsimbl, Matt Miller on bass, and Paul Fonfara on clarinet.


Judith’s bio!

Link to video of some of  Eisner’s Klezmorim performing!

Judith has been involved with a number of theatrical productions including her own “Tears to Joy” which reinacted a Jewish wedding of a hundred years ago presented in a number of places including the Minneapolis Art Institute and the Music in the Park Series at St. Michael’s Church, St. Paul) and with a recent new play about  Holocaust survivors “We Could Talk, We Could Recall, We Could Tell Stories” written by Sharon DeMark which was also highlighted on MPR   (


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